DVIC Innovation

[DVIC] Conference – CRI Paris on Monday 30th at 11h FabLab

Exploring physical computing for embodied interaction

Created in 2017, the CRI Research Initiative, ​ Motion Lab ​ , is exploring new ways to interact with digital technology by placing the moving body at the heart of the learning process. Focusing on Education, Health and Sport, the ​ Motion Lab ​ has developed several design projects by collaborating with major french research institutes in such as IRCAM (Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music) and ENSCI-Les Ateliers (the French National School of Industrial Design in Paris).

The Research Initative develops an interdisciplinary approach at the crossroads of Design and Science by associating knowledge in industrial design, engineering and physics among others. By combining scientific and design research methodologies, the Motion Lab is attempting to propose a new paradigm for learning in motion using the whole body — movement and gesture, senses and sensations, as well as emotions.

The team Lab has designed several projects such as e-textile devices, visual platforms and motion sensors, as well as machine learning for gesture learning and recognition App in Smartphone (developed in collaboration with IRCAM). In this talk, the Motion Lab team will introduce four of its projects :

– Streamo & Movuina ​ : motion application and platform to visualize Smartphone’s sensors that can be used to teach Physics

– Interactive stories ​ : stories associating gesture and sound for early childhood education

– Learning Matters ​ : affordant e-textile devices for young children to express sensations

and emotions

– Soft Mirror ​ : a physical screen for motion visualization

Very complementary, these projects attempt to demonstrate the power of technology to reinvent the way we learn in the world: how we move, how we feel and how we interact with our environment, composed of objects and humans.

From our research questions to our research concepts, this talk aims to highlight our vision of digital technology to encourage physical interaction and embodied learning.